Thanh Quoc, established in 1994, specializing in processing and producing traditional fish sauces in the Phu Quoc region. The company has been a very integral part in building and advancing the brand reputation of fish sauces from Phu Quoc, that’s started around 100 years ago. The company’s also considered a “family-passed-down” company, as it has been owned and controlled by different generations of the same family.
The company current main production facility is located at No. 36 Phan Dinh Phung – Quarter 1 – TT. Duong Dong – Phu Quoc district – Kien Giang. Thanh Quoc also maintained 2 marketing and distributing units in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, with the purposes to promote and linked-up with partners and consumers.
Thanh Quoc products are considered part of the first geographical indication product of Vietnam, recognized by the European Union. Each year, Thanh Quoc fermented around 2.000 tons of anchovies to produce the finest fish sauce possible. The fermented processes usually took between 12 to 15 months, which involved cleaned unrefined sea salt, from Ba Ria- Vung Tau region, being mixed together with different types of carefully selected anchovies in wooden barrels, (each barrel can hold up to 15 tons). The raw fish sauce is always get filtered before being bottled, with clear information on the labels regarding any sort of additives, like sweeteners, added to improve the products.
Besides being supplied to the domestic market, Thanh Quoc products are also being exports to and demanded by international markets such as Europe, Australia, Korea and Japan.
Thanh Quoc fish sauce products are guaranteed to be chemicals and catalysts free, with every production processes are done naturally to ensure the cleanest and most healthy products:
  • 35% Protein Amin 180ml bottle

  • 40% Protein Amin 180ml bottle

  • 35% Protein Amin 520ml bottle

  • 40% Protein Amin 520ml bottle

  • 43% Protein Amin 520ml bottle

  • Different packages sizes (6, 4 bottles/box)

After years of maintaining the traditional productions method and continuously improve the products, Khai Hoan has managed to achieve a wide variety of awards and certificate:

  • Phu Quoc Fish Sauce Producer’s Association quality stamp

  • EU Geographical Indicator stamp

  • Vietnam Association of Food Transparency stamp

  • EU Protected Designation of Origin certificate (2013)

  • Vietnam Trusted Products and Services award (2013)

Thanh Quoc products are currently being distributed widely in domestic market by many local supermarket chains such as Lottemart, Citimart, Coopmart… as well as by many e-commerce websites like Lazada, Tiki, Shopee…
The company products are also being distributed to the international markets through cooperation with third-party companies.