Established around 40 years ago during the 80s, Co May (Cỏ May) LLC. Located in Châu Thành District, Đồng Tháp Province, is part of the Cỏ May Group. Cỏ May is a company that specialized in producing rice, animals and aquatic feed, packaging products through the use of modern and advance technology.
Co May current facility structure are made up of 1 headquarter and 5 branch factories, supported by over 1000 employees. Their current main headquarter is located at 186 National Route 80, Thanh Phu Hamlet, Tan Binh Commune, Chau Thanh District, Dong Thap Province. While the other 5 branch factories all located in around Dong Thap Province.
Co May motto “Quality Over Speech” including us bring forth the highest possible quality products for the local and international consumer. Our mission has always been to provide the consumer with the best nourishment products that satisfy the nutritional standards, especially the rice products.
Through love, respect and responsibility toward our self and the community, Co May has been continuous in our quest of studying and investing in advance technology and machinery for our production lines, as well as improving our quality control procedures to ensure every rice grain of will have the same high quality as others.
Co May is committed to bring forth the best quality and nutritional values rice products for the consumer, so that we can become a symbol of trusts in Vietnam and abroad, in the essential foods and nourishments industry.
In the beginning of 2020, we have invested in the freezing silo storages system that included the advance freezing system called “Granifrigor” from Europe.  With this system, Co May have become the first rice processing factory to have a freezing storage, for storing fresh paddies after drying, that’s up-to-standard and can stored up to 6.000 ton of paddies. Beside this, Co May has also been investing in many other new system for our rice processing procedures of drying, grinding and final products. Some of these new system included automatic rice supports, vacuuming system and grains separator from Japan.
Co May’s rice products have middle and high-end segment, which are favored locally and internationally with stable quality and competitive against other regional producers such as Thailand and Taiwan. Co May is the leading enterprise in implementing the modern agricultural rice field program for the rural development roadmap, part of the national strategy for rice grain development.

Some of our products included:

High class products

  • Long châu rice

  • Ngọc sa rice

  • Red brown rice

  • Porcelain rice

Export products: ♦  Lotus rice  ♦  Jasmine rice 1kg  ♦  Jasmine rice 2.5kg

Medium class products:

♦ Japanese rice 
♦ 4 Seasons rice 
♦ Phù Sa rice 
♦ Aquatic feed for fish with scales 
♦ Aquatic feed for catfish 
♦ Animals feed 
♦ Mixed feed/food 
♦ Seafood products 
♦ Packaged foods like soup bowls

Over the course of operation, Co May has achieved a variety of awards and certificates:

  • Vietnamese Labor Medal – Grade 3
  • Golden Entrepreneur 2009
  • Outstanding Young Vietnamese Entrepreneur Award 2014
  • Vietnam Gold Star Award in for the year 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015
  • HACCP Certification
  • Certificate of Vietnam High Quality Good (HVNCLC)
  • European Food Health and Safety Certification
  • BRC Certification
  • And many more…