Established in 2015, Nong Lam Food is a commercial business branch of Nong Lam University of Agriculture and Forestry. The company is considered a trusted manufacturer of dried fruits and nuts as well as a trader of various of food products in Vietnam.
Throughout the years, Nong Lam Food has been strengthening the company reputation and brand recognition as well as gaining the trusts of both local and foreign consumer.
The company headquarter office currently located at 116 Nguyen Hoang, An Phu Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, with 2 branch offices in Hanoi and Da Nang. Nong Lam Food productions is supported by in-depth research from the university as well as students, who worked part-time, to help with producing and developing the products.
The company production facilities possessed many proprietary technology, like the de-bittering machine, that’s researched and developed by the university. 
The company motto is: “Preserving the value of nature”.
At the moment, Nong Lam Food current products line-up consisted of more than 15 products, with a monthly sales average at 1.2 billion VND. When it comes to the local snacks industry, the company currently hold around 90% of the total market shares. Furthermore, the company products have also been exported to international markets like European countries, Australia, USA, China, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, South Africa… Nong Lam Food had also set out a target to increase the company exports number by 50% in 2022 as well products introduction to newer markets around the globe.
The company mission and values included to process and provides healthier products that satisfy the consumer modern-life needs. Furthermore, become a trusted partner to provides Vietnamese agricultural products to other countries. And ensuring the satisfaction of the customers and partners through professionalism, sincerity and creativity. As well as continuously research and apply advanced knowledge and technology to improve the product quality.

What make Nong Lam Food standout compare to other snacks production companies is the utilizations of by-products, meaning that the company gather materials that’s not going to be use for productions and transform it into products. This has not only resulted in materials maximization but also help the environment. Nong Lam Food is proud by the fact that all of the company products are produced with very little usages of chemicals, like food coloring, meaning that the products are safe and healthy to consume. The company utilized advanced technology to ensure the highest amounts of health-beneficial components, that’s naturally occurring in the raw materials, during productions.

Some of the company vast ranges of products included:
  • Cashew Kernel Roasted with Salt
  • Dried & Roasted Almond Kernel
  • Dried Apple with Honey
  • Dried Aloe Vera
  • Dried Pomelo Peel
  • Herbal Tea Selections
  • Dried Fruits varieties
  • Crispy Baked Coconut
  • And many more…

The company also offered packages, made up of many different types of products, for special occasions and holidays.

After years of operations, research and development, Nong Lam Food had managed to achieved a variety of awards and certificates:
  • ISO 22000 Certificate
  • HACCP Certificate
  • Vietnam High Quality Goods award – 2020 (HVNCLC)
Nong Lam Food distributed and showcased the company products through their own showrooms around the districts of Ho Chi Minh City as well as showrooms in Hanoi and Da Nang.
The company also had partnered-up with local supermarkets chains like Lottemart, Big C, Coop Xtra, Circle K…
Nong Lam Food products are also available for purchase on e-commerce websites like Tiki, Shopee… Foreign consumer can also access and purchase the company products through the website of e-commerce giant Alibaba.