The company motto is “For community benefits and health” signified. Vi Hao vision and mission for the future included becoming a leading brand in the clean food processing industry in Vietnam, as well as building reputation by bringing benefits, protecting consumer health and building pride in Vietnamese cuisines.
To ensure the best possible products for the consumer, Vi Hao subjected the chili peppers through many stages of inspection before being selected and processed. Vi Hao chili sauces are produced through the uses of modern technology from America as well as secret traditional recipes. Vi Hao is proud that the company products are always guaranteed to be the top product in terms of quality, the aromatic flavor, the richness and will surely satisfy discerning customers.
Vi Hao guaranteed that their products:
  • Contained natural ingredients from raw fresh ripe peppers

  • Does not use colorants

  • Does not use thickeners

  • Produced through modern production technology

  • Absolutely safe for the consumers

  • Long expiration dates

Besides being sought-after in the local market, Vi Hao chili sauces are also trusted and highly demanded in international markets like USA, Canada, Turkey, Singapore, Russia, China, Europe…

Some of Vi Hao most well-known products locally and internationally are:

  • Sriracha Chili Sauce

  • Minced chili with garlic flavor

  • Mince chilies

  • Chili Satay Sauce

  • Minced Chili Satay

  • Huy Phong Brand chili sauces (USA market)

After many years of implementing advanced production procedures and products improvements, Vi Hao has received a variety of awards and certificates:
  • SGS-BRC Certification
  • HALAL Certificate
  • Certificate of Registration CCBI (2014)
  • Awards from The Vietnam Economic Times (Thời Báo Kinh Tế Việt Nam)
  • Excellent Brand Award 2013
Vi Hao chili products are currently being distributed locally around the country in supermarkets chains like Lottemart, Citimart, Big C, Metro… as well as convenience store chains like Vinmart, B’s Mart, Satra Foods… Furthermore, Vi Hao also supplied their products in bulks to the hospitality sector like restaurants such as Phở Hùng, Mon Hue… For international markets, specifically the US, where Vi Hao chili sauce products is highly sought after, they’re distributed through major supermarket chains like Aldi, H&T Foods… Lastly, Vi Hao products can also easily be purchase on any online e-commerce websites such as Shopee, Lazada, Alibaba…