Established in 1996, Trung Nguyen is widely considered to be the Number one Vietnamese coffee brand in Vietnam as well as around the globe.
The company was started in Buon Ma Thuot, the “coffee capital” of Vietnam, with the objective to internationalize the exotic Vietnamese coffees.
The company specialized in producing coffee-related products as well as being a multi-locations coffee shops.
The company main headquarter currently located at 82-84 Bui Thi Xuan, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Trung Nguyen currently have various number of factories, each specialized in a different types of coffee products.
These factories mainly located in Binh Duong Industrial Park area as well as in the northern region of Vietnam. Trung Nguyen factories employed the latest and most advanced production technology, imported from Italy, to produce the highest quality possible products.
The total production capacity of Trung Nguyen factories is massive as the company has to accommodate not just domestic consumptions but also foreign demands.
Trung Nguyen is also quite well-known for their coffee museum, located in Buon Ma Thuot, which housed many important and significant memorabilia regarding the history of coffees. These memorabilia are numbered at 10.000 and was transferred from German collector, Jens Burg, to Trung Nguyen. The museum currently displayed around 500 pieces of these memorabilia for visitors.
Trung Nguyen motto is: “The Energy Coffee That Changes Life”. The company main mission included promoting healthier lifestyle, support and build up communities as well as attaining successes. Trung Nguyen core values included:
  • Absolute faith
  • Serving the community
  • Supportive and nurturing
  • Eco-finance
After years of doing business and innovations, Trung Nguyen products are now not just highly demanded locally but it’s also being exported to many countries around the globe like USA, Canada, Russia, UK, Japan, China, ASEAN…
Because of this, Trung Nguyen also has representative offices situated around the world, ranging from Shanghai to Singapore.
Trung Nguyen most famous brand/product line is the G7 instant coffees. The G7 brand was first introduced to the world in 2003 through a large promotional event in Ho Chi Minh City.
This products line was created through advanced technology as well as proprietary recipes, making it very unique and difficult to copy. A survey back in 2003 shown that 89% of the Vietnamese population picked G7 as their preferred choice of coffee selection.
The survey also estimated that 11 out of 17 million Vietnamese households purchase Trung Nguyen coffee products.
Trung Nguyen products offerings are very wide and diverse, such as:
  • Traditional fresh grinded coffees (many different selections and flavors)
  • G7 3in1and 2in1 coffee
  • G7 instant coffees
  • Different type of coffee machines (grinder…)
  • Cream condensed milks
  • G7 extra-strong coffee (X2)
  • Weasel coffee
  • Legendee coffee
  • Syrups
  • Canned fruits
  • Different types of coffees blends
  • And many more…
Throughout years of operations and careful implementations of many local and international standards and productions practices, Trung Nguyen has managed to garner a wide range of awards and certificates:
  • FSSC 22000 Certificate
  • National Brand Award
  • Vietnam Gold Star Award 2010
  • National Quality Gold Award 2011
  • Asia-Pacific Certificate of Excellence 2014
  • Trung Nguyen Coffee was selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as “Ambassador of Cultural Affairs”
  • Vietnam High Quality Goods (HVNCLC)
Being considered as the number One coffee brand in Vietnam mean that the company products are widely accessible for the local consumers, ranging from supermarket chains to convenience stores to small-size coffee shops to Trung Nguyen own showrooms and shops. The domestic reach of Trung Nguyen products is huge. The products can easily be purchase anywhere including online from Trung Nguyen websites to any e-commerce distributors. In foreign markets, Trung Nguyen products can be purchased through imports stores as well as through many foreign e-commerce websites like Amazon…