Who are the GIS Builders?
– Expert council:
Mr. Nguyen Quan: Chairman of the Expert Panel, Former Minister of Science & Technology
Mr. Vu The Thanh: Independent Expert
Mrs. Nguyen Kim Thanh: Independent Expert
Mrs. Tran Hoang Yen: Expert from VASEP
Expert from QUATEST3
What are the basis for evaluating the GIS products?
– Factors to be covered in GIS:
– Transparency: All stages of the production process must be disclosed to stakeholders.
– Accuracy: the technical limits set on the basis of scientific and practical statistics.
– Fairness for stakeholders: feedback from the market is properly investigated and dealt with through the Society’s on-line information channel, as a prerequisite for continuous improvement to ensure of GIS.
What are the food industry standards?
– Farms:
+ Livestock: poultry and pigs
+ Cultivation of vegetables and fruit
+ Aquaculture
– Factory / Food processing facility
– The enterprise can also request certification for the responsible manufacturing component, including: employee responsibility, environment and responsive procurement.
How often does the organization review and approve?
– In the first year, the Association plans to organize two rounds of evaluation for food businesses. Future adjustments may be made once a year. Award winners will be re-evaluated every 3 years