What is The Vietnamese high quality product- Global integration standards?
– The Vietnamese High Quality Products – Global integrations standards” is the new standard set by the Vietnamese High Quality Product Business Association, built on the inheritance of existing regulations and practices in Vietnam, is interpreted. and to ensure that the application process complies with relevant international recognition and certification requirements.
The Society always maintains its market credibility with GIS set by international standards organizations such as FoodPlus GmbH, NOAA Fisheries, GFSI, GMP + International.
Why is The Vietnamese High Quality Products – Global Integration Standards born?
To reach out to the world, businesses need to improve their product quality to meet GISs of hard markets. Therefore, GIS Criteria of Vietnam Standard – HVNCLC is born with the mission to increase market confidence for Vietnamese products, creating opportunities for enterprises to produce safe, quality and responsible products. Identify and build a safe and quality supply of products for society. 
If the business meets the requirements of GIS, What are beneficial for business ?
– GIS is based on the principle of preventing, eliminating and minimizing risks related to product safety, enhancing control effectiveness, reducing costs due to corrective actions and corrective actions. trying.
Production orientation is focused on safety and quality of products at the same time, minimizing negative impacts on the environment and practicing social responsibility, thus creating the foundation for Vietnamese enterprises to look into the market. international.
Manufacturers and safety products are recognized by the market through the label “High Quality Vietnamese Goods – Integration Standards” together with communication programs and activities connecting manufacturers and distribution systems. consumers.
What are the benefits for consumers?
– This is a guarantee of product quality related to technical factors and quality standards, demonstrating the commitment of enterprises and products to consumers in the country and the world, helping foreign partners more information. Think about choosing Vietnamese products.
Why was the first Standard born for Food Industry ?
– In the context of “food safety” in Vietnam is being pushed to the crisis level, the Criteria become a guide and quality guarantee for Vietnamese food, and create opportunities for enterprises to produce. safe food, responsible for market awareness and building a safe food supply for the society.