After 20 years of implementation of the Vietnam High Quality Product Program (initiated by Sai Gon Tiep Thi Newspaper in 1997), in the 21st year, in the context of global economic integration, Vietnamese High Quality Product Business Association (the Association) found it necessary to add a new power to Vietnamese goods to ensure the international quality for integration and competition in the global market; GIS along with Vietnam High Quality Product – voted by consumers support the development of enterprises to penetrate the global supply chain.
  • Willfully protect consumer’s legitimate rights via quality commitments from producers.
  • Build and solidify consumer’s trust towards certified companies.
  • Encourage companies to invest in quality and standards management at national and global level.
  • Encourage companies to build a globally standardized quality control system, to ensure stable product quality.
  • Motivate companies to be more aware of building consumers’trust, because GISs is highly strict, scientific and transparent. The consumers can always check, verify and trace company’s quality.
The Vietnamese High Quality Products – Global Integration Standards is the new standards set by the Business Association of Vietnamese High Quality Product, built on the inheritance of existing regulations and practices in Vietnam, is interpreted and to ensure that the application process complies with relevant international recognition and certification requirements.
The Society always maintains its market credibility with GIS set by international standards organizations such as FoodPlus GmbH, NOAA Fisheries, GFSI, GMP + International.