My products are manufactured in foreign countries, will it be involved in the review?
–   No. GIS only rank products produced or processed in Vietnam
Are commercial products reviewed?
No, GIS only for products manufactured by the enterprise itself
What documents does my enterprise need?
– Please send an email to the address: . BSAS will contact the enterprise for specific guidance.
If I have not reached Vietnamese high quality, can I participate in the review?
– In The Vietnamese high quality product- Global intergration standard, in addition to the consumer rating criteria (15% of total points), we also consider factors of safety and quality of products ( accounting for 85% of total points). Therefore, if enterprises are not voted by consumers but have production process to ensure the safety and quality of products can still be registered to participate in the review.
If I was a business specializing in exporting to foreign countries, not being voted by Vietnamese consumers, can I be registered to participate in the review?
– Exporting enterprises should satisfy the criterion on export ratios in accordance with the criteria set by the Ministry of Criteria.
How many levels will the business achieve?
– There are 3 levels:
Standards integration (satisfactory) – 3 gold stars
Get more blue stars
Get more red stars
How to meet the integration standards?
– Safe food producers are assessed by the assessment bodies (qualified assessment units) as meeting the requirements of the criteria set and approved by the Panel of Experts.
There are three groups of criteria to consider when assessing integration:
Food safety
What are the criteria for food safety standards?
– Points for food safety criteria accounted for 85% of the total points earned business. To be assessed according to appendices 1 to 5, including:
Sanitation programs
Good practice program
Traceability of products
Withdraw product
What are the competing standards in the integration standards?
– Points of the competition criteria accounted for 15% of the total points achieved. Enterprises must obtain the title of high-quality Vietnamese goods or have satisfactory export rates for each goods line according to the Regulation on export goods participating in the classification process.
Points of the competition criteria accounted for 15% of the total points achieved. Enterprises must obtain the title of high-quality Vietnamese goods or have satisfactory export rates for each goods line according to the Regulation on export goods participating in the classification process.
Enterprises must meet all the criteria of the INTEGRATION INTEGRATION, accounting for 70% of the total, and achieve GIS of social responsibility (paying special attention to employees and the environment)
Businesses should provide evidence that the business is in compliance with Social Security, Environment and Inclusion criteria for consideration.
What are the social security standards for getting more blue stars?
– Accounting for 15%. Appraised according to Appendix 6, including:
– Comply with the requirements of the labor law on occupational health and safety, welfare, insurance, working hours / rest periods.
– Equipped with labor protection / first aid equipment.
– Labor safety training / first aid.
What is the environmental standard for getting more blue stars?
– Environmental standards score of 10%. The enterprise provides sufficient evidence that:
– Compliance with the limits of pollution discharge
– The results of the implementation of the negative impact mitigation plan and the positive impacts on the environment
What is the integration standard for getting more blue stars?
– Accounting for 5%. The company obtained international certification of food safety management system or good agricultural practice, technology, corporate social responsibility practice for employees, environment and community.
How to get more red stars?
– In addition to fully satisfying the group criteria: to achieve the convergence and achieve the green star, the enterprise must achieve more sustainable development (such as the management of strategic suppliers, ensure the supply of raw materials full and responsible), specifically:
– The enterprise has a strategic supplier management system
– The enterprise has a strategic supplier support program geared towards providing safe and responsible materials
What should my business do after achieving the certification?
– After certified, enterprises must:
– Meet all requirements of the set of criteria at all times
– Updates on the BSA database periodically and when unusual occurrences occur for certified products.
Will my business be deprived of the ratings?
– Yes. If there is any evidence that a manufacturer uses a star rating symbol in contravention of an agreement entered into with BSA before, the manufacturer will be deprived of the rating immediately and may be denied access. In the 12-month period, it is stipulated in Appendix 9: Regulations on sanction, suspension and cancellation of certificates.
When will the enterprise be deemed non-compliant and not certified?
– Not conforming to the board requirements. The evaluation process can be terminated as soon as there is any mismatch with any detected spots
– Less than 60% of matched scores were found
– It takes more than 90 days to take corrective action and provide evidence to the evaluators.
Do I have the opportunity to correct my mistakes to achieve certification?
– Yes. As of the end of the review period, the business has a maximum of 28 days to submit CB corrective action reports and no more than 90 days to submit proof of remedies for inappropriate items found.
Does the enterprise have the right to change the assessment organization?
– Yes. But the enterprise is only entitled to change in the following cases:
– Complete the corrective action and provide sufficient evidence for all nonconformities identified by the organization.
– Not on the list of suspended or canceled certificates.
– No non-compliance report within 6 months.
How are enterprise data used, confidential and published?
– BSA is allowed to use registration data for internal processes and when there are sanctions or disputes.
Manufacturers, BSA and CBs can access relevant information on the BSA database.
– Minimum data and publication level, as well as additional information specified in the ‘Data Access Regulation’.
– If the manufacturer does not agree to provide and publish data according to the ‘Data Access Regulation’, the registration will be refused.
– No data, except data listed in the “Data Access Regulation”, is disclosed by the BSA or the CB to third parties without the manufacturer’s written consent.
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