Have consumers voted for Vietnamese High Quality Products after having GIS sets?
Yes. Awarded by consumers as one of the criteria to achieve High Quality Vietnamese Products – Global Integration Standards
How do consumers choose Vietnamese High Quality Products?
– Consumers in 12 provinces will be interviewed directly.
– From the votes of consumers, the Association of Criteria Business Association will find the enterprises qualified for the certification mark.
What is the difference between the Vietnamese High Quality and the Vietnamese High Quality Product- Global integration standards ?
Products labeled GIS will be:
+ Orientation of production for food safety
+ Prevent, eliminate and minimize risks related to product safety
Minimize negative impacts on the environment and practice social responsibility.
+ These enterprises also have the opportunity to look at the international market.
What does the blue star label mean?
This is a safe and responsible food production enterprise with employees and the environment.
What does the red star label mean?
This is a safe, socially responsible and sustainable development enterprise: a strategic supplier, ensuring a safe and responsible supply of raw materials.
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